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A Working Blog Post Title Production*

Contrary to my initial fears, my garden appears to be growing. The basil isn't looking too hot - I fear the wicked winds out here might have carried most of the teeny-tiny basil seeds off into seed heaven - and the jury's still out on the Swiss chard and the carrots, but the corn, green beans, beets, and zucchini all appear to be flourishing. I was a little depressed about my tomato plants, which are looking a little yellow and dry, but this past weekend, my mother-in-law and Chris's grandma pointed out three tiny tomatoes that were a-growing! And then today after work, when I went outside to pay some love to my baby (my baby is my garden, yes, my life has taken a turn for the lame), I spotted another little tomato! Exciting times here, obvs.

Still on the garden track, since it's all I've got going on these days, we planted some roses. The pink ones are budding (is that what roses do? Do they bud? Or do they just, like, grow?) like crazy! So much so that I was able to cut off a bud and put it in my...wait for it...bud vase! The bud vase that I usually use to drink champagne out of! (Sadly that was not my idea; I stole that from my mom, who is way cooler than I am.)

To round out the riveting awesomeness of this post, here are a couple pictures of my garden. The first picture is from when we initially planted everything; the second one is after we put in a gravel path two weekends ago:GardenGarden: Now with more gravel!


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*Chris just asked me what my blog post title was. I told him I didn't know yet, so he asked me what the working title was. Here you go.

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  1. Tomato plants need: A LOT of water and A LOT of sun. If they are looking yellow, you might need to up their water. Also, you can feed them with a tomato specific food that will help to ensure that those little babies actually grow and ripen.

    I totally dropped the ball on gardening this year so I have nothing but my roses (yes they bud first) and whatever other various plants and bushes we have.

  2. When you put in the gravel – did you shovel out the grass? Lay down a weed sheet or anything? I’m considering taking out an entire side strip of yard (where there’s not a lot of sun for the grass, and it gets too wet / muddy) and it would be a lot to dig up.

  3. I suck at gardening. Yours looks pretty awesome to me.

  4. Hi niece. proud of your cute little garden. nice to see you two are nesting so sweetly–as you drink and curse. nice.

    I couldn’t be more proud.


    your aunt

  5. p.s. I changed the name of my blog to rachelintheoc.com

    please take note. :))

  6. I live in Sacramento and my basil did not sprout (sprout? grow? bud?) for shit either. And I’m kind of upset about that because I LOVE me some basil. I am obvs not a green thumb but I can tell you the fact that my tomato plant has 4 little baby tomatoes on it has totally been the highlight of my last week. Lame-O Gardeners Unite!!!

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