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4Q16 books

Here's what I read the last few months of the year.

You Should Have Known, by Jean Hanff Korelitz
Considering the idea for the plot was pretty solid, this book should have been a lot better. Basically, a bad thing happens to a woman and she has to come back from it. There was absolutely zero ounce of humor in this book. I kept thinking, when is something entertaining going to happen? A wacky best friend or grandma...something? Related, and not that it spoils the story, but the main character had no friends. It was kind of consistent with the main plot of the story, but it was something I noticed that made the book more boring. Like, no one even wants to be friends with this woman? So why am I reading about her? This was a snooze.

Eight Hundred Grapes, by Laura Dave
This was a very cute book. Fairly predicable plot, but I enjoyed reading about California wine country--HOW I MISS YOU SO. This book also had dynamic characters GO FIGURE. Recommend for a cute, quick read.

The Bullet, by Mary Louise Kelly
While this was my favorite book of the year, I am not saying it was the best book ever, just that it was the best book in a series of slightly mediocre books. That's not to say it wasn't good! Just that giving it the Best Of title kind of over-sells it. It was a very good book. I recently recommended it to my mom. I recommend it to you.

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