3Q16 book

It appears that in my last update, I counted some books that I hadn’t actually finished in the second quarter. I am sure this is critical to your book review-reading, but I wanted to be honest. I AM NOTHING IF NOT HONEST. Anyway, here’s what I read over the summer. It’s not really as pitiful as it looks, because of the great book miscount of 2016, but it’s still kind of pitiful.

Winter Stroll, by Elin Hilderbrand
This is the second in the Winter series and I enjoyed it. I like all of Elin Hilderbrand’s books, so there’s no complaint. I am not sure if the third book is out yet–I’ll have to check into it. Anyway, this follows the same family as in the last book, almost a year later. There are a bunch of different characters and while the chapters mostly focus on the main ones, the tertiary characters do pop up from time to time and it’s fun to get their perspectives.

What are you reading lately? I am trying to finish out the year strong, so any recommendations are welcome!

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