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Tasty Challenge, con’t

Well, here we are to round out the final two nights of the Tasty Challenge. In my brief time here, I have realized I am not as committed to theme cooking/cooking challenges as Erica, who chose/is choosing recipes that are real deep cuts (i.e.: I haven't seen them in the Tasty Facebook feed in the last month or so. Also she made a dish where dye and sprinkles were involved. Golf clap Erica.)

Recipe 3: Black Bean Burgers. These were really good. They were supposed to be vegan, which we ruined with cheese. Then we ruined their vegetarian-ness by adding bacon on top. SMART DECISION.

As indicated above, they were very messy. I don't know if that's because I baked instead of pan fried, but I am guessing not because they didn't even shallow fry them in oil, so I can't imagine pan frying dry is any different than baking. Anyway. next time I'd shallow fry. Maybe in bacon fat.

Recipe 4: One-Pan Lasagna. This was a very easy recipe. I liked that it was truly one-pot because I was able to prep it all around noon, stick it in the fridge, and then pop in the oven when we got home from gymnastics.

As seems to be the running theme throughout this challenge, this was very messy. I also used probably double the ricotta this called for, but I don't care because lasagna is all about the ricotta.

Alright Tasty, you've been fun! Until next time (when I might try the mysterious broccoli tots)...

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