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DIY autumn wreath for a non-DIY-er

I'm not normally a very crafty person, but for some reason, I have a thing about making my own wreaths. Store-bought wreaths kind of offend me because they're usually overpriced, not to mention sort of hokey-looking and I always think I can do better. So, when I wanted to make an autumn/Halloween wreath, I did what any not-really crafty person would do: I enlisted the help of my Internet/Style/Food Lush friend, Jess.

Jess had posted some pictures of her own rocking Halloween decorations, so I asked her in a I'm-kidding-but-not-really-but-if-you-think-I'm kidding-cool-and-if-you-don't-think-I'm-kidding-even-better kind of way to maybe post about DIY wreaths. And, since Jess is awesome, she delivered and found a ton of awesome DIY wreaths, which you can find here. I was drawn to this one because it didn't look too difficult and if I'm nothing if not easy.

I ventured into Michael's, which I firmly believe is actual hell on earth, worse even than Wal-Mart, which is certainly up there (or rather, down there) when it comes to hell on earth, but at least Wal-Marts are bigger, thus, more places to flee. Anyway, into Michael's I went, along with about a million other people, and I found a bunch of autumn-y looking things (pine cones and cheap plastic pumpkins all for 60% off) and managed to get out of there for about 20 bucks.

And so today, while roasting in front of a warm fire, I crafted (hah.) I keep forgetting I dropped a grand (hold me) on a fancy new camera, so I didn't remember to take pictures until I'd already started, but meh. Whatever. Here you go:

I started with a plain wooden wreath made out of grape vines (I don't actually know this for a fact, but Chris seems to think that's what it's made out of and he's pretty damn crafty, but shh, I didn't tell you that) and hot glued pine cones and pumpkins to it.
DIY Wreath 4

A blurry picture of the pumpkins, gourd-like things, and pine cones, which smell like cinnamon ("Tigers love pepper, they hate cinnamon; everyone knows that.")
DIY Wreath 3

I wrapped some ribbon around the wreath, reinforced it on the back with a little bit of hot glue, and that's it.
DIY Wreath 2

Finished product! Thanks, Jess!
DIY Wreath 1

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  1. It looks AWESOME! How proud am I?!

  2. LOVELY!!!

    Makes me want to make one!! All I need is a hot glue gun, now. 😉

  3. Looks fantastic! There is a nail on the front door of my apartment that is beckoning some sort of wreath, but there are only two other apartments in the building, so I feel like it would be wasted. Also, I have a ton of other half-started projects I should probably finish first. (PICTURE WALL. GAWD.)

  4. Your wreath is gorgeous!

    I had to laugh at your description of Michael’s as “hell on earth” because I totally agree. In fact, I bought pre-made autumn decorations there because I didn’t want to spend any more painful moments in the store. Crafts and I, we do not get along.

  5. oh i love this!! And it is such a perfect project for me b/c I’m so NOT crafty at all (yet surrounded by friends who are crafty as heck, of course!) Saving this page so I can try my hand at it!

  6. Look at you, Ms. Crafty McCraftypants. It’s awesome!

  7. Nice wreath! I have to disagree though. I’d go to Michael’s over Wal-Mart any day. At least the cashiers at Michael’s don’t look like they would rather be stabbing you in the neck than doing their job.

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